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Flip released

The final version of Flip is now available for download. We hope you like it!

Flip is a visual language that makes it easy for people without programming skills to script events when creating their own computer games using the Neverwinter Nights 2 Electron toolset, available to purchase as a download here.

Although the Electron toolset features a full programming language called NWScript which is used to script events, many users do not feel confident with the idea of learning to program. Flip features a much simpler visual interface in which users create scripts by connecting ‘blocks’ together.


The combination of a visual language and a natural language description of the script under creation is intended to support young people in developing an understanding of computational concepts as well as the skills to use these concepts effectively. Situating the activity in the context of creating a game with impressive 3D graphics makes this a motivating way to introduce young people to computation.


We have created a user guide to help you use Flip, as well as a series of videos:

Video 1 - Introducing the Flip interface and adding actions to conversations using Flip

Video 2 - Using events with Flip and saving and loading Flip scripts

Video 3 - Using conditionals and Booleans in Flip scripts

Video 4 - Using Flip to add conditions to conversation lines

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Flip at VL/HCC 2010 in Madrid

Later this month, members of the Flip team will be attending the 2010 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC) in Madrid. Judith Good will be presenting  the following paper, which describes design work for the Flip project:

Judith Good, Katherine Howland and Keiron Nicholson. Young people’s descriptions of computational rules in role-playing games: an empirical study.

The paper will be available on our publications page soon. We’re looking forward to catching up on all the latest developments in the VL/HCC community.

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Flip - background and approach

This document explains the background to the development of the Flip language and our approach to the design.

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How-to videos

As past of the recent game-making project we ran in a local school we created a series of videos which show how to carry out various tasks with the NWN2 toolset and custom tools we have created.

Of particular interest are two videos which give a first glimpse of the Flip language! Flip is still under development, but Keiron was able to produce a fully functioning version of the language for us to use in school with our latest cohort of game-making pupils, and it’s this version you can see in the videos.  Writing scripts with Flip gives an introduction to the language by showing how users can attach actions to conversation lines using Flip, and Writing scripts with Flip 2: events and conditionals shows how more complex scripts can be created.

Watch this space for a downloadable release of Flip - coming soon!

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