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New papers

The Publications page has been updated with a link to our latest paper, Concrete Thoughts on Abstraction, which explores issues relating to the computational thinking drive and was presented at PPIG 2009 in Limerick. We’ve also had a short paper, Language-based Support for Computational Thinking, accepted for presentation at VL/HCC 2009 in September.

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Publications page live

We’ve updated the Publications page with a list of the papers we’ve published around the theme of supporting children’s development through game creation activities.

Update: All of our papers are now available to download in PDF format, so you can keep up to date with our research! Our latest  is A Game Creation Tool which Supports the Development of
Writing Skills: Interface Design Considerations
by Katherine Howland, Judith Good and Benedict du Boulay, discussing techniques for designing a user interface for game creation that puts more focus on developing storytelling and writing skills.


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